Albuterol and its importance

With the advancement in the medical field new medicines and devices are coming in front of us which have the ability to treat health problem. Health problems and diseases are of many types but in this article I shall talk about a lung disease known as bronchospasm. The person who is suffering from this problem cannot breathe easily. He needs a special type of medicine or device which can treat this health problem. For this purpose a bronchodilator has been made by which you can increase the air flow through the lungs. How person becomes the victim of such health problem? It is very necessary to find out the answer of this question because other people can avoid it by reading it. You know that air pollution is increasing as number of vehicles and industries are increasing. These industries and vehicles are becoming the main source of pollution. As a result lungs diseases are increasing. If we want to control these lungs problems then we have to take some radical step to minimize air pollution.

Now I shall tell you about the working of this inhaler. When you inhale albuterol, a special air flow through your lungs and expand the lungs muscles. After using this inhaler you feel comfortable in breathing as the flow of air through lungs becomes normal.

There are some safety care tips about albuterol. These care tips will help you to understand well about this lung problem.

  • Tell your doctor if you have this lung problem. He will tell you whether albuterol is best for your or not.
  • If your doctor is going to prescribe albuterol then tell him about your health problems which you have or ever had in your life so that he adjust your dose.
  • Use the prescribed dose of albuterol. Some people think that an overdose will be effective. It is very wrong thinking because overdose is always harmful for health.
  • Use it when you feel uncomfortable in breathing. Do not use it all time.
  • Keep it always in your hand or pocket. You may need it during any work.
  • Well, these were some important points about the use of albuterol. Now I shall tell you about those health problems which could be harmful for your health if you will use albuterol with them. In such health problems high blood pressure, heart disease, congestive heart failure, diabetes, epilepsy and over active thyroid are present. These problems have a strong relationship with thing lung disease.

    Some care tips for those women who are pregnant. The use of albuterol may be harmful for the unborn baby. It is not clear that whether inhaled albuterol passes through the breast milk or not. So it is better that you do not use it during pregnancy period. Some medicines can affect the efficiency of albuterol. Always inform your doctor about those medicines which you are taking during this medication.

    This is all about the effective use of albuterol. If you are willing to get more information about its use then you can get it from internet.

    Obese Children May Not Respond Well To Asthma Meds

    Obese kids may not respond in a good manner to the common medicines of asthma called inhaled corticosteroids, according to the new research.

    Consequently, they may require more of the long-term regulatory medications, said Dr. Pia Hauk, researcher and an assistant professor of pediatrics at National Jewish Health in Denver.

    “In our list of patients, we observe several patients with severe asthma; the obese and overweight children have nearly twice as high requirement of inhaled corticosteroid than that of a healthy kid,” added Hauk.

    The study conducted was small, consisting only 61 kids with asthma in the age group of 2 to 18, so the conclusions should not be taken as definite.

    Thirty-four kids belonged to the category of healthy-weights, 14 were obese and 13 were overweight. Maximum of the children, 56, made use of the inhaled corticosteroids.

    The researchers observed the weight of each kid and BMI-Body Mass Index- a measurement on the basis of weight and height- and regular asthma medicine dosage.

    They cultured airway cells and blood also, and analyzed the response of the cell to asthma medication, highlighting at a particular gene affecting the medicine response.

    Hauk noticed that as the BMI and weight increased, the drug response reduced. In the overweight kids, the gene was not properly expressed, she added.

    The findings were scheduled for presentation in the annual meeting at the AAAAI- American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, Orlando, Fla.

    Nearly 9 million kids of America below the age of 18 have been detected with asthma at some stage of their lives, as per the academy. Inhaled corticosteroids which help in the reduction of the inflammation of the airway and mucus production have been made use of for above 50 years. They consist of triamcinolone (Azmacort), Beclomethasone (Qvar) and mometasone (Asmanex).

    Nearly 17 per cent of American teenagers and children are obese, having a BMI above 30, according to the reports of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is three times the rate of a cohort ago. Obese kids have a greater tendency of suffering from asthma than those with normal weight.

    Hauk believes that in obesity chronic inflammation is observed which may interrupt with the response of the body to the drug.