Beauty And It’s Manifestation

Beauty brings joy to the beholder. Man is always seeking out beauty in everything he sees and nature is always trying to manifest beauty all the time. Nature’s beauty lies in the visible manifestation of the beauty of the flowers, the lofty mountains, green lush forests, the silently flowing river, the gigantic roar of the ocean to the beauty of the beasts. For those who understand nature they see the beauty of creation, preservation and destruction of nature. Our ancestors rightly worshipped the forces of nature as gods and painted them with the most beautiful bodies and appearances. Beauty is also in the minds of the beholder and in the imagination of the poet. The color of beauty is with the artist and the music of beauty with the musician.

Apart from the wonders of nature, it is the woman who is considered to be the most beautiful creation of god. But for the beauty of women, life wouldn’t have been interesting enough for men. The thought of women’s beauty brings to their mind the perfect figure and beauty of the woman they admire. No doubt the beauty in the woman is expressed in her physical form, but nevertheless her body language and the beauty is also dependant upon her inner self too. There are women who are truly ethereally beautiful. They have a natural god given beauty and a demeanor that fits their beauty. These beautiful women not only have the most wonderful facial features but they also possess shy and innocent nature that makes their beauty shine like the moon. Then we have beautiful women who are beautiful with their feminine charm and the sensuality they possess. Their body language is totally different from that of the beauties who are shy and innocent. These women exude a sexuality and attraction in their body language. They are aware of the power of their beauty and their body on men and tend to enjoy the reaction of men to their beauty. We also come across beautiful women who are charming, witty, intelligent and at the same time authoritative, kind and benevolent. Queens and women in power seem to have this kind of powerful aura and beauty around them.

Beauty of the female form comes in very many shades. For those who understand about the soul and the aura, they can recognize the particular kind energy that is exuding in the person and the particular flavor of beauty corresponding to the energy. People with high sexual energy will exude a sensual beauty while those with high energy centered around their intellect and mind are likely to project a powerful picture of beauty. Though beauty is a physical manifestation of the body, nevertheless the shades and colors of beauty come from the inside of the person. The purer the heart of the person, the more beautiful the person appears to be. Beauty if but the reflection of one’s soul qualities and is a transparent medium that shows up the kind of person that one is.

Men no doubt cannot resist watching and appreciating the physical beauty of a woman they see, but a relationship can only happen or they can only fall in love with the kind of person they like depending upon the soul qualities and not physical beauty.