Some techniques for Birth control

World population is increasing so rapidly that the resources of food and other things are start to decrease. There should be some way to control the birth rate. If we will not control the birth rate in these days then this problem will become a major problem in future. Many advertisements are made on TV channels to aware them from this increasing population. There are many techniques which are used by the people for the birth control. It is said that it is good to have two children. Since there are specified resources of food so increase in the number of children can cause the food problem. If you are married then you should follow these methods to control the birth rate.

Let us start from the first method or technique. This technique is used by the men. Men can use condom which is basically diaphragm to cover the penis. In sexual intercourse, it prevents the leakage of sperms from the cover to the vagina. This prevention decreases the chances of fertilization occurrence. You can buy it at cheap rate from any store. Different flavors are available in this product. You can buy it easily. Other methods which I shall discuss are related to the woman. In these techniques vaginal ring, surgical method and use of pills are present.

First of all I shall discuss about the use of vaginal ring. This ring secretes out the drugs in to the vagina in specific amount. These drugs becomes the cause of hormone excretion i.e. oestrogen. Action of these hormones as a barrier stops the sperms from fertilization. Let us discuss about the use of contraceptive pills. Function of these pills is same as that of hormones in vaginal ring. These pills are barriers for the eggs and sperms. They stop them to fuse in to each other for fertilization. In short, we can say that this technique is quite effective for the birth control.

Birth control is not the modern thing to control the birth rate. This thing is quite ancient and used by ancient people. They used the different herbs, dung of elephant and ingredients from the crocodile skin to stop fertilization. Such things were introduced on the vagina to make a protective layer. This layer prevents the fertilization. Although these methods are quite ancient but still they are used in some places of India. A mixture of ghee and other ingredients make the required material for the fertilization prevention. Some women do not feel better with these ancient methods. Such women follow the new methods and techniques.

Let us talk about the importance of birth control. Birth control is very important to keep the resources and population in balance. If the population will increase more than specified limit then it can cause many problems for the people. With the increase in population health problems are also increasing. It is very necessary to keep the population in control. You should follow the rules made by government to decrease such problems.

All About Birth Control Shots

Many people unconsciously think that when two individuals are married they have the desire of starting off their own family. But it is not the case with all the married couple. Nurturing children is a vital responsibility for which everyone is not ready. Those who aren’t ready will opt for a birth control method for protection & take precautions so that their family design is shelved until they are financially and emotionally stable.

The common birth control method used to be ‘the pill’. This was considered to be the most effective regardless of the several side effects that most females hate to undergo. Over the years, health research has developed and there are several newer choices to pick from which are also capable if not better. The birth control shot is one of these latest methods.

The birth control shot is type of progesterone. It is a hormone which is generated in the ovary of a woman. The doctor will give the shot with the help of an injection in one of the buttocks or the upper region of the arm. It will be administered to a woman once in every 3 months and will perform the task of shielding the female from pregnancy.

The progesterone present in the shot works to stop ovulation or release of one of her ovum during her menstrual cycle. When a female is not permitted to ovulate there is no way to fertilize the egg as there is none. The progestin in the shot works to thicken the cervical mucus. This does not let the sperm reach the eggs.

This type is birth control is considered to be super effective. In the duration of one year, not more than 3 in every 100 couples who used the birth control shot once in every 3 months tend to get pregnant. This is due to the risk of getting pregnant will rise if you take the shot after 3 months. The potential chances of becoming pregnant may also depend on the medications, medical conditions, and other aspects that might influence the female’s body.

Similar to any birth control method there are specific side effects that a female should be cautious of. The most common birth control side effects to be careful of is a change in menstrual cycle, breast tenderness, weight gain and depression. The FDA considers that females who continue taking birth control for many years may experience decreased bone density. The recovery is possible after termination is done using the shot.

The birth control shot has become one of the most famous forms in the world. Anyhow, there are some side effects of birth control which can influence you. Each birth control will shield you from pregnancy for 12 weeks. So you will need to visit your physician for a shot in every 12 weeks. Your health care provider may ask you to undergo a pregnancy test if you have missed the birth control shots for 2 or more weeks.

IUD Birth Control

There are various kinds of birth control methods available at the disposal of the couples who want to use them. Various birth control measures are used by the people according to their convenience. The most standard birth control measures are the birth control pills, the shots as well as the birth control patches. With so many options available at the disposal, it is quite natural for any woman to get confused.

IUD is one of the best birth control measures used by many women. IUD stands for “Intra Uterine Device”. It is a small “T” shaped item that is placed inside the uterus. It is made by using a very flexible plastic. The flexible plastic holds copper or sometimes hormones that are inside it. At the lowest part of the Intra Uterine Device (IUD), there are two strings. These two strings are clear and they hang down into the woman’s vagina. The main purpose of the strings is to assure a woman that the IUD is still on its correct place. With these strings, a woman can pull it anytime she wants to remove the IUD.

IUD comes with a lot of benefits. There are certain things about IUD that makes its one of the most sought after birth control measures. One of the most amazing things about IUD is that it stays for long inside the woman. The duration depends on the quality of IUD that a woman is using. If she uses a fine quality of IUD, it will keep her protected from 2 to 12 years. IUD is one of the most effective birth control measures. It is the best option for the couples who do not wish to start their family and want to wait for the time when they are prepared to start a family.

The functioning of all the IUDs is somewhat similar. IUDs do not allow the eggs to fertilize. They do it by changing the movement of either the egg or the sperm. It doesn’t keep the women from ovulating. The IUDs that carry hormones work by thickening the cervical mucus. It forms a barrier thus, not allowing the sperm to enter and fertilize the egg. Also, they do not allow the egg to bond to the uterus.

There are many advantages of IUD is that it functions for so long. It is easy to make a hundred percent use of IUD. After using an IUD, a woman gets complete protection from unwanted pregnancy. Also, she needs not to keep visiting her doctor again and again. It does not require monthly appointments. Also, a woman needs not to remember to gulp down pills every day. Also, a woman had the choice to make use of something which is not loaded completely with hormones. A woman can use copper IUD and prevent unwanted pregnancy.

It works effectively and does not come with any side- effect. A couple can freely enjoy their moments without having to worry about unwanted pregnancy at all.