A Smile Is All You Need

Our smile is our best asset and tool. Anybody and everybody however antagonistic can be turned over with a genuine smile. A smile at another stranger can make his day. Smile not only makes the one smiling happy but the person observing you smile also lightens up. Smiling is a physical expression of a mental image or thought. When someone is sitting and dreaming or thinking about some happy and positive thoughts you see them smile without their knowledge. Babies smile in their sleep and parents wait to see the smile on their baby’s face. A smile can lift the gloom surrounding a person and like sudden burst of sunshine, can bring about a positive vibration. A smile can remove barriers and melt the hardest of the hearts. A smile they say can move mountains.

When we smile, our physical features, our body language changes. Our face brightens up. The observer’s eyes and attention are drawn to our face and connects with us. When you smile, the observer automatically notices your face, your facial features and how beautiful you are. Your soul qualities come through and reflect through your eyes when you smile.

There are many people who have dental defects and other facial defects that mar their smiles. Nature is imperfect and everybody is unique. Therefore it is quite possible that owing to hereditary or genetic factors some people are born with cleft lips, crooked teeth etc. There are many who suffer from plaque, broken teeth and many more dental defects. Along with the functional aspect and the health aspect, the psychological aspect of these dental problems and damages is very huge. A girl with crooked teeth is likely to think of herself as someone who is ugly and not beautiful. Everyone wants to feel that they are beautiful and be appreciated by one and all. Most of us have a mental image of perfect face and features that we deem as beautiful face. Therefore it is unimaginable for a girl to have any dental defect that is easily noticeable and mars her beauty.

Looks are very important for every girl or boy. Though people may say that it is the person that is important, we cannot discount the fact that the physical beauty of the person and especially of the face does play a very important role and factor in bonding with and liking the person.

Facial beauty and dental defects play a major role in the person’s character and personality as it affects his self image. Thankfully cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic surgery is highly advanced and easily affordable for most of the people and this makes it possible for them to overcome their defects and sculpt beautiful face.

Next time you see a beautiful face with well defined lips, perfect teeth and a perfect smile with a straight nose, you may wonder if it is sculpted by a surgeon or it is a natural gift inherited. Whatever be the case, the smile and the beauty of the face will definitely make that impact on you and makes your heart miss a beat. A beautiful smile in a day is all you need to keep going.