Alternative medication for Asthma

Did you know that you could significantly stem down the effects of asthma without necessarily using pharmaceutical medicines? For instance, it has been found that breathing techniques such as the Buteyko breathing can be used as an alternative for curbing the severity of the condition in both children and adults.

Apart from the breathing techniques, there are numerous other natural therapies and medications that can be used to cure asthma and avert any further asthmatic attacks. By the end of this article, you will have learned the different methods you can include in your daily routine to help you reduce the effects of the health condition in question. They are:


Meditation is used to relax the mind of an individual by using precise mental focus. In other instances, visualization, chanting, and controlled breathing may be incorporated to ensure the results. As a result, the person achieved alertness and improved the flow of blood and oxygen through the body and lungs respectively. The three results of meditation have been associated with treating asthma. The controlled breathing which may be included during meditation also helps asthmatic people to strengthen their lungs and prevent panics from attacks.


Botanical medicine, commonly known as herbal medicine is the use of parts of the plants directly or their extracts for medicinal purposes. This vice has been in existence since time immemorial, and advancements in technology using photochemical have confirmed the curative properties of the same. This is one surety that asthma could also be treated using herbs. In Japan, a plant known as Kampo has been found to have positive effects on patients with asthma. Also, other herbs with an impact of improving the flow of oxygen through the different airways have been found. Their low chemical content makes them an ideal choice for many.


From numerous studies, asthma responded positively with the consumption of vitamins. One particular vitamin with known effects is vitamin D. It is linked with the reduction of asthmatic symptoms and consequently the attacks. Its efficiency of work was evident in all types of asthma including steroid-resistant asthma. The research carried on Vitamin D found that it reduces the level of chemicals that trigger asthma in the body.


With the growing popularity, yoga has been used by many people to relax their minds and as a natural relief for asthma. If you want to avert frequent attacks if you are asthma, then you should consider including yoga in your daily routine. Besides, yoga increases the volume of the lung making breathing more comfortable for asthma patients.


The use of some volatile plant extracts during aromatherapy has been seen to be helpful to some asthmatic people. However, there is no much research in this area. Lavender, peppermint, and ginger were used in the few trials.


Each of the alternative methods of treating asthma including some natural therapies is aimed at reducing the occurrence of another asthma attack. You will need consistency and accept your condition to have the best results from whichever you decide to use.