What pregnancy tests can I use?

Are you curious to take a pregnancy test but haven’t made up your mind yet on the type of test to use? Or perhaps you are just new to this whole thing and want to know the available methods to check whether or not you are pregnant. You can be sure that you are in the right place. You only need to read this article to the end. It is in order to recognize the advancement in technology in the medical sector that has seen the upcoming of quickest methods of detecting pregnancy in women.

When the egg in the fallopian tube is fertilized by the sperm, it moves from the fallopian tube to the uterus where it gets implanted on its wall. Upon implantation, a hormone called human chronic gonadotropic, abbreviated as hCG is produced and its amount doubles as time goes by. During pregnancy tests, the aim is to detect the presence of the hormone in the urine or blood of the woman. Two main types of tests are used to do just that – blood tests and urine tests.

Urine tests

After puberty the topic of pregnancy is common for many girls and so is urine tests. This makes this type of tests the most popular among women. This can be attributed to the ease of taking them and the privacy it offers. This test can be done at home or in some instances at the clinic or doctor’s office. Many women choose to use this method after missing their period.

The test is taken using testing kits which are either a stick or a minute well. A stream of urine is passed over the stick or dropped in the minute container using a dropper. What follows is setting a timer and waiting for the result. However, each product has different instructions which should be followed to the latter. After getting the result, you might want to go to the doctor for confirmation using a more sensitive test – blood test.

Blood tests

For these tests, it is the blood that is used making it more sensitive than the urine tests, and therefore has to be done at a clinic. Tis method is not used by many women as their first option but rather, as their subsequent test for confirmation of what they might have found with the at-home test. The good thing about this type of pregnancy test is that you can use it to predict early pregnancy. This is possible about a week after ovulation, you won’t have to wait for a missed period.

Under this type of pregnancy tests, there are two subtests, the hCG qualitative and quantitative tests. You may want to know that the results take a bit longer than when using the pregnancy testing kits.

The qualitative hCG test

In this test, the main aim is to check whether there is any trace of the hCG hormone in the blood. This is enough to determine if you are pregnant or not.

The quantitative hCG test

The presence of hCG in blood is not enough, this test aims at determining the amount of it in order to keep track of the developments and any irregularity.