Who Is Thinking Of Women

Whenever we celebrate Women’s Day we seem to wish every woman and perhaps make some women feel special and good. It seems to be the most cheerful day for women for they get compliments from each and every one of their male colleagues at office. Those who have a group of good friends are likely to go out and have a celebration of women’s day. Of course the mention of women’s day and their greatness will be made mention of in the various speeches. It makes one wonder if there is anywhere in the world any serious thought given to issues regarding woman hood by the normal women on this occasion. Isn’t it the right occasion for women to sit down and think of where women are headed and what is happening with women in their society?

A lot of media attention is paid on women’s issues no doubt. Women’s groups and feminists are always alert when it concerns women. However when it comes to the fashion and beauty of women we seem to be going in a direction which nobody seems to notice. A look at the TV serials and advertisements in the various magazines as well as other media shows women exuding their oomph magic and showing off their curvy bodies. Though these women may look beautiful, what we do not realize is that we are making use of women’s body as objects of desire and commercializing the beauty of women. It is a fact that women’s body is an object of beauty and manages to attract attention. However earlier on women’s modesty was considered to be a virtue and defined feminine beauty. In the name of modeling and advertising are we over exposing women’s body and thereby exploiting their beauty?

There are several implications to this phenomenon of over exposure of women by the commercial media. The minds of children and youth are very sensitive and impressionable. At such young age they are exposed to the blatant advertisement that makes them believe that women’s beauty lies in her perfect body and image. Is this really good for the girl child? Doesn’t it make every girl want to look beautiful? If the girls are spending too much of time in trying to dress up and groom themselves and not be focused on their academics, who is to blame? We seem to promote the beauty ideals amongst women with the result that every woman tries her best to go on diet and try out all sorts of beauty therapies to measure up to the acceptable norms of women’s beauty.

In extreme cases women are known to go into depression and there are also cases where women suffer from medical complications arising out of cosmetic surgeries. All of these hardships are suffered by women to meet up with acceptable beauty standards in the society. What about the psychological effect of failing to maintain their beauty? If you know what all women and girls go through to take part in the beauty contests you will be shocked. They literally rebuild their body part by part to meet with the standards and expectations.

Are women going in the right direction? Do you think we have enough reasons to celebrate women’s day? Think again.